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What Is Up With All These Drum Pics?

Way back when I was in fourth grade, I remember the shocked look on my parents’ faces when I came home from school and told them I was going to play drums. I guess they didn’t expect that from me since I was very quiet, shy and basically a nerd. Maybe it seemed like I had the wrong personality for it. Or maybe they just didn’t want the noise in the house.

It was near the end of the school year when the instrumental music teacher was bringing each of us in one at a time to see what instrument, if any, we wanted to play. I didn’t have any strong feelings about it but I was pretty sure I did not want to play a wind instrument. He played some rhythms with his hands on this lap and had me repeat them. It was easy and it seemed like something anyone could do. But he asked if I wanted to play drums.

I kept up with percussion all through school and even into adulthood until family responsibilities took precedence. I was pretty good. But not good enough to make a living at it. And I only played in concert bands and orchestras. I did buy a drum set in high school which I still have. I took lessons for it but I could only coordinate two or three limbs at a time. Throw in both feet in addition to both hands and I just couldn’t get anything too complicated.

These images are pretty old. The kit is in pieces at the moment. Yes, that is fake wood grain.

I probably would not have had the same appreciation for music if it were not for my elementary band teacher.

In addition to the drum set, later on after all my school I also purchased a used Leedy rosewood marimba online. And yes, that is gold sparkle.

When I was getting more serious with photography I thought these instruments could play a part in my visual art even if they weren’t making as much music lately.

If I have access to more musical instruments you will see some more variety in my music gallery in the future.

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