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The '59 Cadillac

Yes, it's a beautiful car. From almost any angle. But those tail fins are the most identifiable.

It is an iconic design seen in countless movies from Pink Cadillac to Ghostbusters and even The Muppet Movie.

I saw this one at the 2016 Leesburg Air Show. I usually go to airshows to watch the airplanes but this car drew me in like a magnet.

Since this was quite a few years ago, I was not thinking about what I would do with the images. I wish I would have taken more.

And of course it was a crowded event. Not very easy to get an image without people in it.

If this is your car or if you know who's it is, I would love to get in touch.

Finally, the tail fins and lights. The top two images below are the ones I used for composites to get the images in the bottom row.

I'd love to hear your feedback. Do you like the composites or the originals better?

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